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Couture Massage - About Elmira

Murfreesboro, TN - Massage for creative entrepreneurs and independent musicians. You dream big, You take risks - get a massage customized to you. Elmira Loftin, LMT, is what makes Couture Massage unique. 

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Especially for Creative Entrepreneurs

Murfreesboro, TN Massage


Since 2008, I have helped creative entrepreneurs like you rejuvenate their bodies while relieving stress and tension. "I became a massage therapist so that I can see immediate results and heal myself."  


My mom always ( and still does) worked so hard raising the six of us by herself. She rarely did anything to take care of herself. 


One day, she had this horrible sciatic pain that kept her in the bed for days. You have to understand. My mom does not like to be touched. But she asked for my massage that day. The massage helped relieve her pain. I just wish she had done something to take care of herself before being out of work for days.  She showed me the importance of work-life balance."


Like you....some days are better than others. I have to remind myself to take care of me so I can serve my clients. 


As a busy entrepreneur and business owner, you have so many things on your to-do list.  Don't be like my mom and wait until things are  too bad,  Make the time to pamper and take care of yourself. I am gonna need you to be a real Self Care Boss. Your massage session will be client-centered, peaceful, unique, creative, and most of all stress-free. Our vision is to heal the entire world with hearts and hands. 


It is my goal to take care of you, teach you self care techniques, and be your relaxation coach.  I am cheering you on. When your body feels good, you are just more productive in your business. When you are relaxed, your business is relaxed. 


My Crazy Faith

Let me tell you....Everything I've done has been on faith and my belief in God. Faith and taking action is the reason I'm in Nashville today. About five years ago, I picked a date on the calendar and said that's the day I'm moving. I didn't let fear stop me. By that date, I had no job nor a place to stay, but I made the trip from Virginia anyway. I knew that I would be fine.


I packed my 2004 Black Nissan Sentra and made the drive to Nashville. With a pitstop in Knoxville, Nashville was to be my new home. I was by myself. I left behind my mom, dad, siblings, nephews, cousins and friends. I had faith that things would work out. I had no clue how, I just knew. I had to take the risk.  Yes, it was scary but look at where I am now. 

That's the same way you are as a business owner, you have faith. You take risks every day to keep your business going. Some days you don't get enough sleep. Some days nothing goes according to plan. I understand those days. You keep on pushing anyway. You also understand that to be productive in your business you must have regular self care. You must take care of your body on a regular basis.  You strive for a healthy work-life balance. You treasure your time with God. 

Independent Musicians Rock

Enough said....I am the daughter of a musician. Even though my dad was not in the home my whole life him being a well known and talented musician had an impact on me. My dad has locs, plays the saxophone (and many other know how real musicians do), and performed at festivals like June Jubilee in Richmond, Virginia. He goes by Eli King. Can you tell that I'm proud of my dad? I don't care that he doesn't have a Grammy or a $1,000,000. He's taught me what it means to live a life of passion and purpose.

My dad is the best independent musician I know. He writes, produces, and sings all of his songs. I can say that I was blessed with the singing and performing gene. That's why I say independent musicians rock.

I understand that you dream big......I dream big TOO.

I understand that you stay up all night writing and recording......I do that TOO.

I understand that you spend the money you make at your full time job on things for your music career.....I do that TOO.

I've been in the studio recording a high quality album on my own dime and everyone around me thought I was crazy. They were like Elmira why are you doing all of that?

Yes, I paid lots of money for the photography, the recording, the packaging, the graphics, the makeup, the marketing.....all that. And some of that money was not made back on sales. It's hard out here for an independent musician....and I get it.

That's why I love massaging musicians....I love your drive. You keep pushing. You keep singing. You keep playing.  Plus, you want to get a massage from someone who really understands your life. Believe me, my dad continues to show me that being a musician is not an easy road. 

Making the choice to be a musician sometimes causes you to lose important people and things.....l've lost a music partner, a boyfriend and gained many things along this music journey.