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Courses and classes for licensed massage therapists. Elmira Loftin, LMT, teaches you how to start and grow your own massage business. Get a self study class or the one-on-one 30 day program. 

Jumpstart Your Business - 30 Day Program

  • Were you ready to start your massage business like yesterday?
  • Want to make your first $20,000 working for yourself?
  • How would you like to have help organizing all your creative ideas?
  • Do you have all the ideas for your business but it looks like a messed up puzzle?
  • Do you want to avoid the mistakes of business owners?
  • Are you struggling with how to turn your love for your passion into some real cash?
  • Do you need help with turning your unique business idea into a reality?
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Message From Your Instructor

Hello massage superstar! I know you're already great because you've decided you want to start working for yourself. You have all these ideas swimming in your head and you aren't sure how to organize them. You're ready to start and grow your business. 

I had to jump with faith just like you are ready to do. Back in 2011, I made a big move to Nashville, TN. I didn't have a job or place to live. Let me tell you what I did have was a vision of a better life than working as an office manager in the sales department at Doubletree Hotel. You are the same. You have bigger dreams. You've put that idea in your journal on hold for far too many years. Now is the time for you to JUMP!


I just love getting to make people happy every day. My name is Elmira Loftin and I've been a licensed massage therapist for seven years now. That's hard to believe. I started Another Touch Massage Therapy in 2009. The name came from a sermon my cousin preached. My business started as a mobile service and grew from there.  I knew when I finished massage school I didn't want to work for anyone else. I wanted to keep ALL of my money. Thing is, I had no idea what I was doing. I learned marketing, finances, bookkeeping, networking, customer service, and so much more along the way.


Yes, I made many mistakes at the beginning. I spent thousands of dollars that I didn't have to. But, I don't regret it.  Being an entrepreneur and business owner is about personal growth and learning from your mistakes. I hope that you are ready to grow and expand. I want to stretch you beyond your comfort zone. Are you ready?


That's why I developed this coaching program. I want you to progress faster than I did. You don't have to make the same mistakes. You can learn from mine (How cool is that?) Plus, you have something unique to bring to the market. We are waiting for you!


The Jumpstart Program Includes:
Owning the Entrepreneur Mindset
Target Market Worksheet
Marketing Plan Worksheet
Four (4) sessions with your business coach
Website Content Worksheet
The One Page Business Plan
FREE GIFT - Referral Bonus Letter Template
FREE GIFT -  Ambassador Program Letter Template


How Your 30-Day Program Is Structured:

Module One - The Big Question: Why?
Module Two - Talking to Your Target Audience
Module Three - Systems & Hospitality
Module Four - Knowing the Numbers


Client Testimonials:


Faith Smash,  Nenriki Therapy

Faith Smash, Nenriki Therapy

I Have More Profits
"Elmira has encouraged me to take a more direct approach with my marketing. Being able to have someone who understands and can advise from personal experience has been the greatest benefit. Before working with Elmira, I worked too much in my business. I would not take much time off which left me feeling overwhelmed and unfocused. She helped me create balance and take time out for myself, which has in turn increased my profits.

She is great with learning who the person is and helping them find their way. Her years of experience can be passed on to help guide a new massage business owner. Listening and being versatile is one of the things that made me select her as my coach and accountability partner"

K.C. Schellhammer,   On the Spot  Wellness Wagon

K.C. Schellhammer,  On the Spot  Wellness Wagon

I Have Faith That I Can and I Will
"Elmira has inspired me to trust in myself and have the faith that I CAN and WILL become a great entrepreneur. I've heard her story of faith that brought her 600 miles away from every safety net and person she knew, to a brand new beginning in a city where she had to sink or swim.  She built an ark and is sailing through it all. Her passion and drive is contagious, and will bring to light things you have been struggling with.

I have been wanting to open my own massage practice since 2010. I have written business plan after business plan. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my gift. Elmira showed me who my market is, where my market is, and has built my confidence level up. I now know that success is near. I will be opening my business up and taking my leap of faith. Because I know I CAN and I WILL do great things."




Shakia Branch,  Artz of Massage

Shakia Branch, Artz of Massage


I Have No More Excuses 

"Working with Elmira was such a great gift. She helped me do so many things with my massage business. She has helped me with my time management, finding my target market, and developing a schedule that works for my family. The worksheets she provided helped in so many different ways to help keep me on track. She was very professional and she definitely kept me on track no matter what excuses I tried to come up with.

She always told me you have to keep pushing through all of your obstacles. The jumpstart program was exactly what I needed to get motivation, encouragement and grow my business even more. Elmira showed me how to update my website, fix my Google Business profile, and get clear on my goals." 

Williamina Loftin, Master Teacher and Tutor

Williamina Loftin, Master Teacher and Tutor


I Have More Money and More Confidence

"I'm a highly satisfied recipient of Elmira Loftin's Jumpstart business coaching. Although I'm not in the massage industry, she was able to tailor her exercises to my tutoring business. The greatest benefits that I received form her services were that she helped me to narrow down my target market, and from there, she helped me to realize my worth. The market research, which she inspired, revealed that I could reasonably charge a whopping 38% more than I was currently charging. Thankfully, I've already attracted a new client with my new rate. During every session, she was sure to drive home the point that my prices should reflect the high quality service that I provide.

Often, independent business owners don't get a change to strategize plans with anyone else. It's true that two heads are better than one. For me, Elmira was that second brain for me to pick and bounce ideas off of. She readily either affirmed my direction or suggested ways in which I could increase my revenue with the least amount of sweat equity. Her whole goal was to enhance the phenomenal service that I already offer. She certainly challenged me to dream and act BIG. Stepping out on faith and making sure that I charge what I'm worth are undoubtedly the biggest take-home messages that continue to ring in my ear as I press forward with my business. Her coaching was definitely a confidence (and revenue) booster for me, and I'm sure once you try, you'll agree."


You Opened My Eyes to More Possibilities

"Elmira, I first want to thank you for not just opening my eyes to my true possibilities but allowing me to express them to a point that I can actually acknowledge my true purpose in this life. These coaching sessions have helped me see that there is more than just meets the eye to my true calling and purpose. I am here to serve and be the gift God has truly blessed me to become. It has really showed me that i can bring more of my potential to the table and be a provider of excellent service to anyone that needs it. I think you're doing an amazing job by helping up and coming business people. I believe your gift to just be creative is improvement enough. What God gives you with your mind at work shows that you improve people and that helps you make and adjust to what you are able to do for others. I really do want to thank you for your time and your dedication and services to help me.".

- Clarisse Blades



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