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Client Reviews - Couture Massage

What Couture Massage clients are saying. Elmira has a calming spirit, she's helped be do better about self care. You can book your customized massage 615-746-7606

Couture Massage - Client Reviews 




"I went in for a free 15 minute massage and stayed for an hour. I had a very specific pain due to an injury and Elmira made sure she took care of those areas. She also provided me with insight on what I can do to manage the pain on my own. The experience was top notch and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to returning in the very near future and getting on a regular self care plan. Thanks again Elmira. The massage was wonderful." - LaTishia Jordan, Stepping Stones Tutoring Center

"Elmira, thank you and your wonderful hands for helping me once again. I had my fractured hip surgery a couple months ago and my ankles were swelling a lot. But after your treatment on Sunday they have gone down tremendously. I was a little sore on Monday but the way you moved those toxins out of my body was incredible. You are so special as your hands are. Your hands just seem to gravitate to where they are needed. Like I have always said, you have a blessed gift. Thank you my friend." - Pam Cherne

"I love that the environment speaks peace. I can go and feel relaxed. Elmira has a warm, inviting spirit. Every time I go I'm able to fully relax and connect with my inner self. Elmira brings with her healing touch the spirit and the warmth that you need to heal your inner body. After my massage, I feel like I'm rejuvenated. At one of my sessions, I was so relaxed and so calm that I put my dress on backwards. Nothing stresses me out after I get my massages. I have even signed up for massages twice a month because I know this is what my body needs after working hard in my coaching business." - Valerie Priester, Victorious Life Coaching

"Before seeing Elmira, I felt stressed and tense and found it hard to relax. The best things about my massages is the fact that I can leave all my cares aside and feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed at the end of my massage. I've noticed improvement in the knots I used to have in my neck. They have decreased significantly and with my strong and consistent workout schedule, she helps to keep my muscles from getting stiff. Even when I have an intense workout, her massage helps me to relax and get my muscles and joints aligned so that I can go back in the gym and workout again. Since seeing Elmira, I feel that my body is able to recover much faster after intense workouts. What makes Elmira unique is she truly understands anatomy and she has a 6th sense of understanding what is going on with your body. She provides great information and education so that you can stretch and take care of your body in between massages." - Careasa Greer, SlimCo Murfreesboro

"I received a massage from Elmira today and it was amazing. I can sleep better because my back and shoulders are no longer in pain. She really takes her time and makes sure she is listening to your body. She is always gentle with her healing hands. I always leave feeling like a brand new person. Plus, having her as part of my self care plan, I can be a better chef for my clients." - Jeanette Curry, At Your Table with Chef Curry

Samantha Pointer, professional organizer and tech coach  tells about her recent massage. My experience with Couture Massage and the talented Elmira Loftin. Become a #selfcareboss by going to