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Self Care Boss

Tips and guidelines for incorporating self care in your life, starting with massage therapy. Discover more about your unique self daily.

Benefits of Doing the Master Cleanse

Elmira Loftin

What is the Master Cleanse?

How does it help all of your body’s systems?

Why have I being doing this fast for the past ten years?

Elmira Loftin, LMT, outlines personal benefits of the Master Cleanse.

October 27th: Entrepreneur Success Summit

Elmira Loftin

An actual WORKING workshop for business owners.

Join this exclusive event for 50 coaches, consultants, start-ups, digital online preneurs, servant leaders, or people who desire to become a successful entrepreneur.

entrepreneur success.jpg

Come experience an INCREDIBLE Opportunity for “Exclusive Behind The Scenes Training” to learn Exactly How Industry Leaders create Super Successful Brands, Campaigns, And Companies That have created EXPLOSIVE growth in 6-FIGURE Businesses.

October 27, 2018, Registration 8 am, Training 9 am - 6 pm

Get your tickets today!

Click here for TICKETS.

This event hosted by Valerie Priester, Victorious Life Coaching

How to Use the Backnobber

Elmira Loftin

Been feeling like you need to massage some places on your body you can't reach?

The Backnobber is perfect for achieving this. Elmira Loftin, LMT, demonstrates how to use this popular self care tool.

Couture Massage has the Backnobber for sale in our office. Call 615-746-7606 or visit our Murfreesboro location for purchase. 

Why You Need Help - The Wellness Struggle

Elmira Loftin

Why was I struggling?

Why did I wait so long to get help?

What are you telling yourself that you don't need help with?

How would you feel if you had some assistance with your diet, your exercise, your past, losing weight, learning how to relax?

Father's Day Special Is Here

Elmira Loftin

Enjoy this massage special for your favorite dad. I can say that my dad offered me a great deal of wisdom, most that I did not comprehend until these past few years. 

A Day for Dad includes: 90 minute customized massage, focused stretching, self care assessment

Package is available for purchase through Sunday, June 17th and recipient has up to one year to redeem the gift certificate. 

Call our office at 615-746-7606 to purchase.

Happy 'Father's Day. 

Day for Dad.png

Self Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

Elmira Loftin

Your schedule is demanding.

There are unexpected expenses plus unplanned things with your clients. In order to be prepared to the wild nature of business life, follow these self care tips.

Paying attention to your health helps you make it through the challenging days of being a business owner. 

Visit to Pigeon Forge

Elmira Loftin

It's always a pleasure to do massages outside of my office.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to treat the guests of the Design Your Victory retreat in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

What a beautiful and life changing occasion. Each lady received two massages during our stay. 

Couture Massage is available to do massages at your next retreat. Call us at 615-746-7606 to discuss your plans. 



Riverstone Resort....view of the water

Riverstone Resort....view of the water

We enjoy chef prepared meals from At Your Table with Chef Curry. This was a delicious chicken pasta dish. I want some right now. 

We enjoy chef prepared meals from At Your Table with Chef Curry. This was a delicious chicken pasta dish. I want some right now. 

The Need to Grieve

Elmira Loftin

Grieving involves letting go of something important to us at a stage in life. This could be do to growth, death, or other means. The grieving process is individual. Thing is, it's necessary. Without grieving, you could experience other health challenges.

How are you grieving?

Tuesday Foot Massage Special Starts Today

Elmira Loftin

We've got something for you.

The foot massage experience:

  • Squeeze in some time for you (only 15 minutes)
  • Give yourself a break from your entrepreneur duties
  • Walk away like you are on clouds
  • Special is every Tuesday from 9am - 7pm, based on availability

Don't you want this feeling?

Book now by calling 615-746-7606



Self Care for Meeting Planners

Elmira Loftin

Last month, Couture Massage was able to serve for two days at the PCMA convention in Nashville, TN.

We teamed up with Tonya Ellis of Align Murfreesboro and Rosalin Terry of Tranquil Elegance Spa. 

Couture Massage is available for chair massage in your office, for a conference, or other special event. Contact us at 615-746-7606 to discuss details.