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Services - Murfreesboro Massage

Luxury, customized massages for entrepreneurs and musicians. You work 24/7 on your dream, now it's time for some self care. Call 615-746-7606 to book

Murfreesboro, TN Massage - Luxury. Customized. What makes Couture Massage so unique? Elmira Loftin, LMT details what you can expect when you decide to have a real luxury massage experience. "I put my heart, my soul, my spirit into this business and I'm passionate about working with entrepreneurs and musicians. I'm an entrepreneur myself and a long time musician so I get it."

Just like your business and music is unique. I create a customized massage to suit you. Whether that involves stretching, trigger point therapy, scalp massage, focused attention on your shoulders you are going to get it.

Come in for your couture massage ----this is a customized relaxation experience.



Feel rejuvenated. Get more creative business ideas. A great way to continue your self care routine and reward yourself for meeting your goals. A massage focused on your most stressful areas. Each massage each customized based on your self care needs and your relaxation treatments. As an entrepreneur, your days are full and you need a place to relax and rejuvenate. The Stress Buster Massage targets your shoulders, your back, your arms and whatever areas need attention during your session. Get this God-centered healing session. 

$85 - $500 per session



You can now add transportation to any single massage service at Couture Massage. We set up and arrange the ride for you. This includes trips within a 25 mile radius. You can get picked up and dropped off to Murfreesboro, LaVergne, Smyrna, Antioch, Nashville. Keep in mind that trips exceeding 25 miles one way will be calculated at a higher rate. Transportation must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance. Rates are calculated based on distance.

$30 -$65 round trip



Book licensed massage therapists in your office,  home office, music studio, music event, or other location. This short massage will relieve your stress quickly and is a great addition to other activities. We customize everything to your needs. This service requires at least 7 days notice. Call our sales team at 615-746-7606 to discuss your special event.